Meet the Author

About MePlease visit my book party page at SCBWI! Click on the contest link to learn how your child can win a free book of When Rocks Cry Out.


Hi, KD Manes here, the author of When Rocks Cry Out. Welcome to my terrain! If you happened to stumble upon this and don’t have a copy of When Rocks Cry Out, you may purchase it here: When Rocks Cry Out. It is also available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This site is geared for parents/caregivers, teachers, and your little ones. My purpose for writing is to: 1) unearth the allegorical truths—forged from the Master Carver Himself—below the surface of When Rocks Cry OutThese valuable nuggets are found in the bedrock of truth, the Bible; 2) give you some great links for age-appropriate Bible lessons and teaching. These can be found under Treasure Links; and 3) offer some coloring sheets and rock related activities for both the young and young at heart. Kids love rocks! . . . . You’ll find these links under Kids Quarry. All three of these categories can be found under TREASURE COVE in the sidebar to your upper right.

My desire is simply for you, the parent/teacher, to help your child connect the dots with related Scripture. All verses under “KIDS CONNECT” are quoted from NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers. Don’t worry if your young child doesn’t make all of the connections at once. But you will lay a strong foundation in his/her understanding of God’s love, especially when His love is modeled at home or in the church.

Also to your right, you’ll find links to a sampling of posts from my main blog: kdmanestreet. I’d love for you to visit and join my community, (you may sign up on my “About” page). My purpose there is to explore God’s call from a biblical perspective.

My Biography

I received a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Special Education from Northwest Nazarene College. I have taught K-8 grades for several years in both the school and church settings. I live in the northwest with my husband and three kids. Besides writing children’s books, I enjoy gardening, outdoor photography, watching my kids’ sporting events, and exploring the great outdoors.

Have any questions or comments? You may contact me directly through this form:


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